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Wangla in Geo-political standing

Wangla used to be known as NauBishu Wangla during 70s. At that time, two sibling brothers Rikhiram Bhusal and Harilal Bhusal known for their nickname Thumeli brother had turned their 4 ropani area of private property into public property planting some samplings of fruits and vegetables and building an Open resting theater and a pond. As time passed its course, the open resting theater got damaged and pond lost its shape. Later in the year 2011 BS, the same Bhusal brothers took initiatives bringing all villagers in the process and built a new Open resting theatre, a more concrete and durable one. This place gradually became the place for religious gathering in the village and all community people started meeting there once every full moon night for religious choirs. At times these people used to talk about community development and social welfare. And those discussions and debates gave birth to a school in 2013. The founders of school Scholar Rudranath Acharya and Hemnath bhusal began teaching in the school. In order to run the school with proper resources and management, a Management committee was formed under Late Shovakar Bhusal which comprised of Jivnarayan Adhikari, Maniram Bhusal, Girdhari Bhusal, Karnabahadur Rijal and Govinda Pandey as its members. It decided to fix the curriculum for the school. Toyanath Gautam from Khidim Arghakhanchi was decided to be headteacher and teacher for Grammer while Dhadhiram bhusal from Wangla was named Astrology Teacher; Ghanashyam Paudel from Wangla was named Book Keeping and Accounting Teacher and Chhabi Lal Pokhrel from Balkot was named as Alphabet Teacher.

It was in the pretext of 2015’s parliamentary election when a political leader Late Pitamaber Belbase from Thada, Subarnakhal was visiting wangla for his campaign noticed a big crowd in Tirthathumb, Wangla. He noticed Jivnarayan Adhikari in the crowd and question him as to why there was big mass of people. Jivnarayan Adhikari was quick to answer that they’re discussing there to form a school. Late Mr. Bhusal told the crowd that it shouldn’t be delayed for such noble work and asked everyone to come upfront as he took a spade and cleared the land for foundation for school. This paved the way for school and finally a foundation for a 3 storied muddy structure was put on the place. The construction was coordinated by Jivnarayan Adhikari with the strong support from Late Jivlal Bhusal and after months, the school took a shape.

After the election was over, Nepali Congress formed the single party government and fortunately, Member of Parliament, Kashi Nath Gautam from Arghakhanchi happened to be Health Minister in the new cabinet. He coordinated a tour of the then Late King Mahendra and Prime Minister Late B. P. Koirala in this area. The meeting point of the tour was Mathura. At that time, Management committee submitted its memorandum to the King and Prime Minister for approval of school from the government. Later on, the school received approval letter from Pyuthan Administration Office ( BS. 2016 Mangshir 22:  Dec 7,1959). The school was finally a public school under the government with quota of 3 teachers and 2 messengers. The first government approved school team comprised following teachers and messengers

Head Teacher  :           Yubraj Panthi, Dhurkot, Gulmi
Teacher            :           Govinda Pokhrel, Dhurkot, Gulmi
Teacher            :           Anirudra Khanal, Balkot
Messenger       :           Rabilal Bhusal
Messenger       :           Tikaram Adhikari

The government added two more teachers and one administrative person in 2018 and hence recruited Narayan Shastri, Wangla and Bhojraj Shashtri, Thikura as new teachers while BhimBahadur Chhetri, Ridi, Gulmi was recruited as administrative person. Later on, Head Teacher Yubraj Panthi was transferred to another school and Jagdish Jha took over the position. As times run its course, Pashupati Bhattarai took over as Head Teacher and after some time, Govinda Pokhrel took over Pashupati Bhattarai.

Bhojraj Shashtri was transferred to another school as he was taken over by Puskar Koirala from Kathmandu. Puskar Koirala too was transferred to another school after some time and this position remained vacant. Since the position was not filled up immediately, Narayan Shashtri resigned referring the reason. Pashupati Bhattarai again took over as Head Teacher. The school couldn’t manage a new teacher even in place of Narayan Shashtri. The Sanskrit school founded after a lot of trails and tribulations gradually became weak in operation in lack of enough and proper teachers.

It’d been more than eight years since the school came into operation and it was high time the school needed changes. In 2032, it was decided to incorporate English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in the curriculum and accordingly agreed to run the school as general primary school at its own expenses. Two teachers were hired for the purpose at the expenses of school. Tom Lal Adhikari, Wangla and Jhabi Lal Bhusal, Wangla were hired.

The school got temporary approval in 2025. However, teacher turnover remained high because of lack of enough funds to pay them on time. Following teachers served the school during different time.

  1. Moti Banjade, Wangla
  2. Bhoj Bahadur Basnet, Wangla
  3. Ramesh Bhusal, Wangla
  4. Yanga Prasdad Vasistha, Wangla
  5. Lila Mani Pandey, Kerunga
  6. Chandra Mani Bhandari, Wangla
  7. Kantu Prasad Bhusal, Wangla
  8. Nit Bahadur Basnet, Wangla


By the year 2031, a general Primary School as well as a Sanskrit Lower Secondary school operated parallelly under single administration. A new Education Act enacted by government in 2031 merged both school together and formed a new Jivannodhar Lower Secondary school ending the Sanskrit curriculum. Both the government approved messengers remained in the school. Government teacher Narayan Sahshtri tendered his resignation and Janardan Acharya went to work for District Education Office as Primary School Inspector. Pashupati Bhattarai worked as Head Teacher till 2039. The school got its final approval as full fledged secondary school in 2039. Mukti Ram Bhandari became the Head Teacher of new secondary school who is now a running Head Teacher. However Late Krishna Chandra Acharya took over him in 2047 and worked till 2055 before he died.

In between 2031 and 2038, following teachers served the school as per the record:

  1. Yanga Prasad Sharma ( Wangla)
  2. Krishna Prasad Ghimire ( Budi Chaur)
  3. Janak Adhikari ( Wangla)
  4. Janardan Paudel ( Dhati Bang)
  5. Devi Prasad Panta ( Man Kot, Gulmi)
  6. Chiranjivi Khanal ( Wangla)
  7. Gangaram Khanal ( Wangla)
  8. Pitambar Paudel ( Wangla)
  9. Tom Lal Adhikari ( Wangla)
  10. Nama Rayamajhi ( Wangla)


By  2031, the school building built on 2015 had come to very dismal condition. As school realized the need of a new building, construction began for a new school building ( 190 x 16’) during the tenure of Chairman of School Management Committee, Jiv Narayan Adhikari who served as chairman of Wangla VDC at the same time. The construction was highly supported and contributed by Late Pom Narayan Acharya and Late Karna Bahadur Bhusal. The construction was over in 2037 and the final permanent approval for secondary school operation came in 2038. The first sitting of students of its own for the SLC was in year 2041.

Besides the current teachers, following teachers served in this school during different time.

  1. Pashupati Bhattarai ( Khanchi Kot)
  2. Late Krishna Chandra Acharya ( Wangla)
  3. Satya Kumar Shrivastav ( India)
  4. Khimananda Khanal ( Kerunga)
  5. Ishwori Paudel ( Wangla)
  6. Mani Ram Gautam ( Pokhra Thok)
  7. Kabi Raj Bhusal ( Kim Danda)
  8. Late Chandra Singh Khatri ( Nar Pani)
  9. Yangya Prasad Sharma (  Wangla)
  10. Kamala Paudel ( Wangla)
  11. Gyan Hari Neupane ( Narapani)
  12. Babu Ram Khanal ( Balkot)
  13. Ram Prasad Paudel ( Balkot)
  14. Ram Prasad Khanal ( Balkot)
  15. Bhesh Raj Banjade ( Wangla)
  16. Babu Ram Nepali ( Wangla)
  17. Madhav Acharya ( Argha)

By the year 2041, it was felt that even the new school building was too congested and small to accommodate the growing number of students. During the tenure of Late Pom Narayan Acharya as Chairman of School Management Committee, a new building was constructed under his active coordination. Both of those building were constructed with the both physical and cash resources from local village and district Panchayat and local donors. The new building was officially inaugurated during the tenure of Late Netra Prasad Bhusal as Chairman of School Management Committee.

Two buildings accommodated total 9 classrooms. By this time, the school had separated its primary wing to a different location and run only secondary wing from Class 6 to 10. As student numbers continued to grow and dirt and debris coming out of the non-concrete floor compelled the Management to think of options to reduce the air pollution coming out of walls and floors. Finally, in 2047 under the active coordination of the then Chairman of School Management board, class room floors were concreted with the support from Village Development Committee and District Development Committee.

With the students leaving the village and even district for higher education after SLC, community leaders, school Management and teachers began to think of adding higher secondary wing to the school so as to give students further their studies without leaving their home. The process of discussion, interaction and planning started in 2060. The School Management Committee decided to build a two storied concrete building adjacent to existing buildings in the same premises which was actively coordinated by Committee Chairman Shanker Prasad Bhusal. Funds were raised from locals, Village Development Committee and District Development Committee for the construction and finally a new building took its shape in 2063. School started its higher secondary education from educational year 2063/64 with first and only one discipline- Education.

The school added one another building in 2062 through the Secondary Education Support Program for its resource center.

As of now, following teachers serve the school in its lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary levels:

  1. Principal Mr. Mukti Ram Bhandari
  2. Teacer Mr. Chhanda Bahadur Bhusal
  3. Teacher Mr. Kul Chandra Bhusal
  4. Teacher Mr. Dila Ram Adhikari
  5. Teacher Mr. Narayan Acharya
  6. Teacher Mr. Tulsi Ram Paudel
  7. Teacher Mr. Chhabi Lal Bhusal
  8. Teacher Mr. Maheshor Panthi
  9. Teacher Mrs. Jyotsana Bhattarai ( Bhusal)
  10. Teacher Mr. Ram Prasad Bhusal
  11. Teacher Mr. Megh Nath Adhikari
  12. Teacer Mrs. Roma Khanal



  1. Mr. Bhawani Prasad Bhusal
  2. Mr. Krishna Prasad Bhusal

Resource Person

Mr. Nam Bahadur Singh

Till date, total 1527 students have passed SLC examination from the school.

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